Deelder presents: Jacob Kanbier!

In society ‘De Burcht’ the performance ‘Deelder presents: Jacob Kanbier!’ takes place. During this poetry / action painting the Leidse artist Jacob Kanbier will realise a monumental painting of three by six meter inspired by the lyrics and presentation of Jules Deelder.
The performance of Jules Deelder consists of parts from his current theater show ‘JA! Deelder’ and a few evergreens like ‘Python Place’, ‘Nacht in Tunesië’ and ‘The Yellow Rose of Texas’. Deelder and Kanbier will be assisted by the manager of Deelder, René Vallentgoed and Ger ‘SAX’ van Voorden. Start 21:00, Burgsteeg 14, Leiden.

Source: Leidsch Dagblad