Certificate of authenticity

For many years, a lot of fake Jacob Kanbier works have been offered at auctions, internet sites and even through galleries. A certificate of authenticity is a written declaration of authenticity. This means that the person who issues the certificate is convinced that it is a work as stated on the certificate of authenticity. The knowledge of the person who issues a certificate of authenticity is of crucial importance for the value that can be given to the certificate of authenticity. In the Kanbier Museum are only experts in the field of Jacob Kanbier working, who have years of experience with his work and have close contact with the artist.
The Kanbier Museum is the only official institute that is entitled to inspect works of art by Jacob Kanbier for authenticity, to appraise it and to provide it with a certificate of authenticity. To make it accessible for everyone to have a work of art inspected, we have set our price as low as possible. You fill in the form below with two high resolution photos of the full front and back of the work and you receive a payment request of 25 euros. When our entire team of experts is convinced that it is a work by Jacob Kanbier, after the inspection you pay 25 euro in the case of a drawing and 50 euro in the case of a painting to receive the certificate. This certificate contains a photograph of the work regarding, the artist, title, dimensions, technique, appraised value and a stamp of the Kanbier Museum. The expertise of the Kanbier Museum is accepted by domestic and foreign insurance companies.